The Tunelectric Podcast Show – Ep 1: Richard Barrett – Quick Fire Round


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An Introduction to Richard Barrett

Over the years, guitarist Richard Barrett has built a reputation for his top draw guitar playing and insightful magazine articles.

Not least, is the readers favourite ‘Blues Headlines’ column in Guitarist magazine with co-writer/columnist Neville Martin. 

Prior to the current global pandemic, Richard was (and still is!) the hired axe man for the Tony Hadley band, seeing him tour across every continent playing those truly timeless classics.

I was lucky enough to catch Richard on the cusp of releasing his debut album – ‘Colours’, as he agreed to come on the very first episode of the Tunelectric Podcast Show.

The aim of the podcast is to entertain and inspire the listener with music, chat and insights from the pros. 

At the end of each show, I ask the guests a set of 10 quick-fire questions…Lets get the low down from Mr Barrett below!

Your most memorable gig and why?

RB: “The first time I played the Royal Albert Hall with Tony Hadley. Another one I remember, (that I was terrified on!) – I played with Roger Daltrey of The Who for a set at a charity doo. 

Earlier that day, he’d been bored in his dressing room and asked me to come and sit with him with my acoustic guitar – and we sat and we played and chatted. Never to be forgotten really yea!…”   

What style of guitar playing would you like to get better at?

RB: “Jazz… I can probably play for about 5 minutes and make you think I can do Jazz but I can’t really! Someone like John Wheatcroft really has that sorted, and he’s actually showed me a few things”.   

Your desert island blues album?

RB: “Ooh, blues album, right…I don’t know if it counts as blues but maybe ‘On an Island’ by David Gilmour – that’s blues-y guitar playing isn’t it!? 

Your best guitar practice tip?

RB: “Record yourself and listen back!”

Preferred biscuit for tea dunking?

RB: “Aah right…I more of a coffee person really! but any thing with chocolate!”

Which guitarist would you most like to jam with?

RB: “Hmmm… that’s quite tricky. There’s loads I’d love to so i’ll just name one, I’d love to jam with David Gilmour but I’d probably just want to listen! I’d love to jam with Eric Johnson too but I’d just want to listen, and Jimmy Page…I’d love to meet Jimmy Page and talk to him… and jam with him!..” 

Top highlight as a magazine colunmist?

RB: “Meeting Scott Gorham and John Sykes of the (then) line-up of Thin Lizzy back in 2006”.

Any words of advice for your younger self?

RB: “Make things happen, don’t just think about them. Even if you make a mistake, you’ve got a position and you’ve got somewhere to go from then, otherwise it’s all staying in your head and you’ll get stuck there”.

Your go-to riff when trying out a new guitar?

Wall of electric guitars stretching into the distance

RB: “Oh wow!…used to be Limelight by Rush…I think now it tends to be in E or A…a couple of power chords, along the lines of  The Who – ‘Don’t Get Fooled again’ or something like that”

What would you like to be remembered for most?

RB: “For being good at what I do.”

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About The Author

Rob Cox is a content creator and guitar tutor from London, UK.
He is also the founder of Tunelectric.

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