The Tunelectric Podcast Show Ep 2: Guitarist Chris Woods - Quick Fire Round


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An Introduction to Chris Woods

The British finger style guitarist Chris Woods has built a solid reputation over the past ten years for his unique and creative approach to the guitar.

With an eclectic taste, Chris fuses many different styles, from Jazz to world to Indian classical to percussive guitar.

More than just another player, he is an avid musical collaborator, composer, producer and educator.


I’m happy to say Chris was able to set aside some time to be my guest for the second episode of the podcast.

You’ll be able to check out a pre-recorded stream of the interview on the Tunelectric facebook page very soon! Check here for more info…

The aim of the podcast is to entertain and inspire the listener with music, chat and insights from the pros. 

At the end of each show, I ask the guests a set of 10 quick-fire questions… so lets see how Chris Woods fares this time!

Your most memorable gig and why?

CW: “That was definitely playing at NAMM – the huge breakfast show.  It’s massive and it’s in the Hilton – that was in 2019 I think… ”   

What style of guitar playing would you like to get better at?

RB: “Hmmmm… slide I’d say…”   

A country you would most like to visit?

CW: “Hmmm.. I just haven’t thought about going to a country for so long!..
RC: “I know!  It’s a bit of a weird question…lets just say as soon as you are able!”
CW: “I think I’d really like to go to Vietnam actually – I always see Vietnam and I’m like, well that looks very beautiful…and amazing”

Your best guitar practice tip?

CW: “Not constantly practicing on the edge of your ability.  Make sure you also practice where you are very very comfortable because thats where you can perfect things – you can’t perfect things if you’re always challenged and stressed!”

You meet your younger self, you can say three words - what would they be?

CW: “Ermmm!..[laughs] ermmm… take it easy (I guess!)”

Which guitarist would you most like to jam with?

CW: “I’m gonna say Bill Frisell…he gets put in to the jazz genre but it’s not jazz – it’s just this lovely twangy ambient, spacious wonderful-ness…” 

Your preferred biscuit for tea dunking?

CW: “I think… I mean, that would change quite a lot but you know, i’m gonna go out on a whim and say Garibaldi actually”.

Image shows Guitarlele next to full size acoustic guitar

A toddler has been left alone for a minute in your music room - What is the first piece of kit you would check to see if it's still in one piece?

CW: “Oh man, well this happens to me with my little one – he’s made his way into the music room and then there’s that ‘Aaagh!’  – I guess the guitar I play most, which is a Matrin 000x one – ironically one of the cheapest instruments in my collection but it’s probably the most precious to me…so many memories – but I don’t mind, it’s all cool!…”

A band or artist you can't get enough of right now?

CW: “Errr… I really – (and this might be surprising because of the music I write) but I really like Idles…It’s just really powerful, aggressive but beautiful music.  Excellent guitar playing as well, really creative”

If your life had taken a different turn, what job would you be doing now?

CW: “Oh I reckon maybe gardening or something!..”

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About The Author

Rob Cox is a content creator and guitar tutor from London, UK.
He is also the founder of Tunelectric.

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