The Fender Stratocaster

The Fender Stratocaster (aka the ‘S’ type) was introduced in 1954 and was seen as an improvement on the Telecaster with a double cut away sculpted body and 3 pickups giving greater tonal flexibility.

Fender Strat in sunburst with maple neck

Main Features

  •    Double cut away body allowing greater access to the higher frets
  •    Contoured body for greater playing comfort
  •    3 single coil pickups to increase tonal options
  •    bridge with floating tremolo system to alter the pitch of notes for effect

Key Strat Players

  •    Jimi Hendrix
  •    Eric Clapton
  •    Jeff Beck
  •    Hank Marvin
  •    David Gilmour
  •    Stevie Ray Vaughan

The Stratocaster Sound

The first Stratocasters (or Strats) featured 3 single coil pickups and depending on which position you had your pick up selector switch determined the tone and ultimately the feel of music.

Strats were seen as the ‘deluxe’ upgrade to the rather basic Telecaster when they were first released, the luxury of a comfortable, contoured body plus greater tonal options made them objects of desire.