Gibson ES Series

The Gibson guitar company introduced their first electric in 1936 in the form of the Gibson ES150.  

The design was developed from the companies acoustic model the L50 and later was developed Further designs followed in the years to come including the ES175 in 1949 (the longest running electric in production) and the ES335 in 1958 – (the first semi-acoustic electric guitar). 

The First ES models were hollow bodied with added pickups however by 1958 with the release of the ES335 the design was improved by including a solid centre section construction which would increase sustain and help keep feedback at bay.

Gibson ES Main Features

  • Semi-hollow body design
  • Warm and resonant tone
  • Arched top
  • Versatile tones from Jazz to blues and rock

Key Players

  • Chuck Berry
  • BB King
  • Alex Lifeson


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